About Us

Our Team


Rhyse is the driving force behind Construct Melbourne. His years of delivering custom residential homes, combined with his experience working in the Commercial Construction Industry, has given him a unique set of skills and enables him to deliver a previously unseen level of quality to Melbourne’s residential building sector.


Cassandra works behind-the-scenes providing support to the business in all areas. Her years of experience in Human Resource Management, OHS Management and Business Administration ensures that Construct Melbourne is a reputable company that delivers on its promises.


We were extremely lucky to have Steve join our team in early 2018. Steve is an exceptional builder with years of experience in the building industry. He blows us away with his passion to succeed and deliver. He has excellent communication skills and works very closely with our clients.


Andrew has worked in the building industry for several years as a qualified carpenter. His vast set of skills, obtained from working in both commercial and residential sectors, make him a valuable asset to our team. His warm personality puts clients at ease and makes him a pleasure to deal with.

Our Story

Rhyse was born and raised in Melbourne’s beautiful Bayside. At age 18, wanting to see more of Australia, he made the decision to move north and commenced a carpentry apprenticeship with a multi-award-winning builder in Queensland.

Rhyse excelled as a carpenter and quickly gained his reputation for outstanding workmanship and client-first approach. He soon obtained his builders licence and established Mazza Made Homes, building new homes, renovations and extensions.

In 2008 and 2010 Queensland experienced some of the worst flooding in its history, devastating the local community. Residents lost confidence in the area and the property market came to a grinding halt. The strong pipeline of work quickly evaporated.

Rhyse and wife Cassandra moved home when an opportunity arose for Rhyse to commence a Project Management role in the Commercial Building Industry for one of Melbourne’s top-line builders.

Rhyse was fortunate to experience a very well organised, highly process-driven workplace. Clients however received very little communication throughout the build process which often left them frustrated. He saw an opportunity to combine his building knowledge with his client-first approach to deliver an unprecedented level of customer service in the residential sector.

This led to the successful creation of Construct Melbourne, a family owned and operated residential building company, specialising in renovations and extensions in Melbourne’s Bayside and surrounding areas.